Center on Global Internet Finance
College of Business


Chair Professor and Director

Professor J. Leon Zhao

  • Financial Information Services;
  • Financial Risk Management;
  • Modeling, simulation, and control of socio-technical systems
  • Professor and Associate Director

    Professor Yulin Fang

  • Knowledge Management and Innovation;
  • IT-Driven Collaboration;
  • Internet-based Service Strategies;
  • Global Business
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Yin-Wong Cheung

  • Applied Econometrics;
  • Financial Price Behavior;
  • Issues in Asian Economies
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Qing Li

  • Data Warehousing and Mining;
  • Web Services Computing;
  • E-learning Systems and Social Media
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Paul Benjamin LOWRY

  • Interface Design to Improve Security;
  • Privacy Violations;
  • E-Commerce and Supply Chains
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Jian Ma

  • Business Intelligence;
  • Decision Support Systems;
  • Big Data Research Analytics
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Giorgio VALENTE

  • International Finance;
  • Empirical Asset Pricing;
  • Empirical Market Microstructure
  • CORE MEMBER, Professor

    Professor Wayne Yu

  • The Economics of Information;
  • Information Content of Stock Market;
  • Corporate Governance
  • CORE MEMBER, Associate Professor

    Dr. Jane Feng

  • Performance-Based Advertising;
  • Price Premium Effect in Online Market;
  • Search-Engine Advertising
  • CORE MEMBER, Associate Professor

    Dr. Raymond Lau

  • Quantum Decision Modeling for Business Analytics;
  • Big Data Stream Analytics;
  • Social Media Analytics
  • CORE MEMBER, Associate Professor

    Dr. Michael Wong

  • Behavioral Economics;
  • Algorithmic Trading;
  • Stock Market Spread Trading
  • CORE MEMBER, Associate Professor

    Dr. Wei Thoo Yue

  • Information Security;
  • Software Piracy;
  • Software Bundling
  • CORE MEMBER, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Hailiang Chen

  • Economics of Information Systems;
  • Business Analytics;
  • Big Data
  • CORE MEMBER, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Xin Li

  • Business Intelligence & Knowledge Discovery;
  • Social Network Analysis;
  • Econometrics
  • CORE MEMBER, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Chong Alex Wang

  • Financial Information Technology;
  • Privacy in Online Social Networks;
  • Economics of IS
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