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Panel Theme: Certification Merits and Issues

At the recent AIS council meeting prior to PACIS in Korea, it was decided to "Explore whether AIS should develop a certification program".  Towards that end, we are suggesting a panel session to discuss certification merits and issues to help remove uncertainties.  The notion of certification is certainly not new and has been widely adopted by various professions to assure competence in a body of knowledge.  Engineering and accountancy as well as various medical specializations and law are but a few examples.  A number of companies (e.g., Microsoft and SAP) offer certifications of various sorts.  The notion is also not new to IS but has faced stumbling blocks and progressed little beyond curriculum guidelines.  Issues include level of granularity i.e., general certification versus specific topics.  Should there be a single IS certification or recognition and accumulation of “Merit Badges”?  What content fits in which areas (or should be included at all) and who decides?  Are we sufficiently identifiable as a profession and regionally and globally consistent enough to warrant certification?  Do students and practitioners perceive certification as a benefit and do employers really care?  Other issues include implementation and governance e.g., should AIS engage and what role should SIGs play?  To what extent (and in what forms) should academic institutions be involved?  Panel members have been specifically chosen to represent different views and perspectives:

  • Doug Vogel is AIS Immediate Past President
  • Leon Zhao is Chair Professor and Department Head, City University of Hong Kong
  • Fred Niederman is Shaughnessy Endowed Professor at Saint Louis University, USA
  • Claudia Loebbecke is Professor of IS at the University of Cologne, Germany
  • Munir Mandviwalla is Professor of IS at Temple University, USA

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