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Final Program
Financial Innovation




Research Paper Session 1: Big Data Analytics for Stock Markets
Paper 1. Qing Li, Tiejun Wang and Qixu Gong, The impact of financial news and public mood on stock movements
Paper 3. Ling Liu, Jing Wu and Qing Li, Microblogging Metrics and Stock Return Comovement
Paper 13. Wenping Zhang, Raymond Y.K. Lau and Chunping Li, Big Data Stream Analytics for Correlated Stock Price Movement Prediction
Paper 16. Jingnan Li, Qixuan Wang, Shuyue Hu, Tao Wang, Yi Cai and Huaqing Min, Big Data Analytics: Web-based Entity Relationship Extraction

Research Paper Session 2: Internet Finance
Paper 5. Ying Wang and Zhangxi Lin, The Importance of Objective and Dynamic Credit Evaluation in P2P Lending Market
Paper 7. Siming Li and Zhangxi Lin, Big Data based Credit Scoring for Internet Finance
Paper 10. Wei Dong, Wenjie Fan and Shaoyi Liao, Social media based analytical framework for financial fraud detection

Research Paper Session 3: Big Data Analytics for Risk Management
Paper 6. Allen Huang, Reuven Lehavy, Amy Zang and Rong Zheng, Analyst Information Discovery and Information Interpretation Roles: A Topic Modeling Approach
Paper 8. Xiaoyu Wu, J. Leon Zhao and Michael C S Wong, Will Volcker Rule Mitigate Systemic Risk? Implications from System Dynamic Modeling
Paper 15. Bian Yiyang, Fan Shaokun, Ye Ryan Liying and Zhao J. Leon, Credit Risk Assessment of POS-Loans in the Big Data Era

Research Paper Session 4: Breakthrough Ideas and New Methods
Paper 2. Qiang Ye and Xianwei Liu, Weekend Effects on Stock Searching
Paper 11. Shaokun Fan, Zhimin Hua and J.Leon Zhao, A Text Mining Approach to Market Sentiment Aggregation in Massive Financial Reports
Paper 12. Hailiang Chen, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang and Baixiao Liu, The Economic Consequences of Having 'Social' Executives

Virtual Presentation Paper

Paper 14. Dhanya Jothimani, Ravi Shankar and Surendra S. Yadav, A Big Data Analytical Framework For Portfolio Optimization



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